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Welcome to my website. I hope you will find it interesting and easy to use.

I am delighted to work on any interesting project, large or small. I take pride in what I do and will always work to my utmost capability, utilizing my musical, managerial and interpersonal skills to contribute to the success and profitability of the venture.


Vadim Chelnokov is a professional film, television and media composer, arranger and producer.

He was born in Moscow, Russia in 1975 and started his musical adventure aged 6, studying classical piano. Later, in 1987 he graduated from Moscow School of Music and Art and his family moved to New York City. Here, as well as continuing to study piano, he also took up bass and guitar as well as a variety of other instruments.

In 1997 he went on to obtain a first class honours degree in music production from the State Musical College of pop and jazz art programme (Gnessin Russian Academy of Music).

For the past 20 years Vadim has been working with GPM Group, who's principal assets are 6 TV channels and 9 radio stations. GPM are responsible for a large portion of all advertising, publishing, film production and distribution undertaken in the Russian Federation, with an audience of over 90 million people. During this time, Vadim has written music for many high profile commercials including a series of spots for Citybank, Audi, Volvo, Adidas, McDonalds, Sony, Swatch etc. His tracks have been licensed by multiple US and European companies including Audiosparx, Digital Juice and Eternal Grooves.

In tandem with his career as a media composer, Vadim has recorded and produced several pop and contemporary jazz albums and founded VAD75, an international smooth jazz project. He also runs his own mastering facility, POLY MASTERING. His music connections and collaborations reach far and wide, working with people from Great Britain, USA, Russia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Spain, Israel - you name it!

His love for film music has resulted in a natural transition from writing and producing music for artists to writing for film. He is a creative composer who loves to explore how music affects the emotions of the listener. He strives to put music to picture that will engage the viewer and enable them to absorb all the nuances of a story more deeply. His passion is to find and enhance the emotional content of every story he works with, working closely with a director to bring their vision to fruition.

  • Write / produce
  • Record instruments
  • Score / Soundtrack
  • Mix and master
  • Arrange and edit
  • Drink much coffee


Here are some of my recent works and demo reels below. Please, take a listen.

Vadim Chelnokov for Absolute Music - Cold Case Vadim Chelnokov for Atomica Music - Quirky and Perky
Vadim Chelnokov for Gargantuan Music - Playful Dramedy Vol 2 Сериал Марлен
Сериал В Шаге От Рая Vadim Chelnokov - Lounging on Decks
Vadim Chelnokov - Mystery Thriller VAD75 feat. Scott Marvill - Summer Feelin'
Vadim Chelnokov - Beyond Limits Мультфильм Переписка


An international smooth jazz project. It's about the melody and the groove. Listeners will appreciate the mixture of the funk and fusion in these contemporary smooth jazz tracks.

Poly Mastering

Vadim Chelnokov is the owner and founder of POLY MASTERING - an independent world class music production and mastering studio.

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